Sports Arts Entertainment Attorneys

Darius A. Marzec

I am a civil litigation and matrimonial attorney with the distinction of being licensed to practice law in 10 states. I handle all sorts of disputes ... more

Lee M Shlamowitz

  I customize your services Never pay a cent until you see what you're getting and exactly what it will cost One-size-does-not-fit-all Business thrives on ... more

Rudolph Joseph Federici

Rudolph Joseph Federici, Esquire, associate counsel with the law firm of Vosbikian & Vosbikian, L.L.C., is a general practice attorney licensed in the ... more

Soleiman Khalil Raie

I believe in fighting for my clients for what they deserve. I am very capable of evaluating your matter and telling you honestly what ... more

Joseph Abraham Bahgat

I created The Privacy Firm to save people from abusive lawsuits by the likes of copyright trolls, and to make bad sh*t on the ... more

Carrie Ann Ward

Carrie Ward has twenty years’ experience in business law with a particular focus on entertainment, communications and media law clients.  Carrie’s ... more

Steven J Silver

Steven J. Silver is an associate in the Philadelphia office of McBreen & Kopko engaged in a general civil litigation practice with a focus on ... more

Sekou Campbell

An innovative transactional lawyer focused on utilizing the law as a tool for improving rather than stymying business operations and methods for intellectual creatives: artists, ... more

Donyale Yvette Hooper Reavis

As founding partner of Reavis & Associates (formerly Elam Reavis, LLP), Donyale has been practicing law in business, entertainment and philanthropy for fifteen (15) years. Specializing ... more