Wrongful Death - Accidental Death Attorneys

James M. Roane III

In 1995, I was in a serious wreck, and the insurance company was dragging the case out and not treating me fairly.  Eventually, I got ... more

Marcus Edward Hayes

Hayes Law focuses on advocating for the injured and what is legally and rightfully theirs. There are many categories of injuries, but the principle remains ... more

Michael D. Maurer

If there is one thing that helps me maximize the results for clients, it is the valuable experience I gained on the "other" side while ... more

Eliu Felipe Mendez

Eliu’s practice is focused on plaintiff’s workers’ compensation cases and general litigation. La práctica de Eliu se centra ... more

Karonnie Rashone Truzy

The practice of Law is a privilege and one I greatly respect.  Each case is an opportunity to speak for someone who may otherwise ... more

Christopher Jason Woodyard

Christopher J. Woodyard is a Litigation Attorney at Roane Law in Greensboro, North Carolina. The firm represents plaintiffs injured in nursing home neglect and abuse ... more

Stanley F. Hammer

I am guided by the forceful command of the North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct, which describe an attorney’s special responsibility for the ... more

Darryl Tyler Nabors

If I approach every case to treat my client the way that I would treat my brother, father, daughter, or wife, I will always feel ... more