AttorneyPages' Credential Verification Seal means that you can be confident that we have verified the attorney you will be dealing with in fact does have certain specific credentials he or she has claimed to have.

AttorneyPages independently verifies that an attorney is:

  • Licensed as an Attorney at Law in at least one state (or DC)
    AND we also typically verify a representative sampling of the other credentials the attorney claims to have, such as the attorney's
  • Degree or graduation from a named College and/or Law School,
  • Absence of any Bar imposed disciplinary history,
  • Membership in other state or federal Bars, and/or
  • Bar Association or Government leadership positions.

We then award the attorney our Credentials Verified Seal, and we link that seal to the precise credentials we have verified and report the date on which we most recently verified the credential or status.

The Credentials Verified Details Page may also show additional information that AttorneyPages has specifically verified about the attorney ? such as his or her good standing (such data is not available in every state), Bar status (such as Active, Inactive, or Retired), academic appointments, publications, and other professional or civic achievements.

If in the course of verification or review of a credential AttorneyPages determines that there is a discrepancy between any credential the attorney claims and the facts, AttorneyPages denies or removes the Credentials Verified Seal, designation, demands the attorney provide an explanation, and if a satisfactory explanation is not rapidly forthcoming, removes the attorney?s listing or privileges.

The credential verification process and use of the Credentials Verified logo is available only to AttorneyPages members or Active Attorney Participants in the FreeAdvice® Answers program.

If any user ever has reason to believe that any credential shown for or claimed by an attorney is no longer accurate, or that any other credential claimed by an attorney who has a Credentials Verified Seal is false or misleading, please contact the AttorneyPages Credential Verification Team at 415-339-6521 or by email at