Bayer Says It Faces Many Lawsuits Over Trasylol

Bayer AG, the maker of Trasylol, says that it has already been sued nearly 80 times for its recently recalled anti-clotting drug that has been linked to thousands of deaths worldwide. Industry analysts say that this is only the beginning…

Thousands of deaths linked to Trasylol

After CBS aired a segment about how Bayer may have known about the dangers of Trasylol for years before it pulled the product off the shelves in 2007, family members of patients who may have died from the drug are scrambling to find out more. It is estimated that hundreds, if not thousands, of lawsuits will be filed against Bayer for its failure to warn patients over the alleged dangers of Trasylol.

Industry analysts and researchers such as Dr. Dennis Mangano say that, although Bayer knew about the injuries and deaths associated with Trasylol, it failed to warn the public because of increasing profits from the drug’s sale. Mangano, who published a study in January 2006 that found Trasylol use doubled patients’ risk of kidney failure, heart failure and had a 181 percent increase in the risk of stroke, claims that Bayer knew about these issues many years ago, but refused to take the drug off the market – a decision that may have caused 22,000 patients to die in vain.

Bayer denies allegations / reports record profits

Bayer has denied the allegations that it knew that Trasylol was dangerous. However, it has been discovered that Bayer allegedly withheld one of its own studies from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that showed the dangers of Trasylol. The Chairman of the FDA’s advisory panel, Dr. William Hiatt, has said that he would have voted to remove Trasylol from the market had he known about the results of that study.

Ironically, Bayer’s Chairman of the Board, Werner Wenning, reported on Friday that 2007 was Bayer’s best year to date with net income of EUR 4.7 billion (approximately $7.3 billion in U.S. dollars).

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