Bikers Face Unique Issues on the Road

Bikers of all kinds, whether on a motorcycle or bicycle, face unique issues on the road. Obviously, being exposed can lead to greater injuries than those riding in cars and trucks, but what other perils do bikers face?

An expert opinion

To find out what issues bikers encounter on the road, we asked a fellow biker who has been riding for over 25 years. His name is Claude Wyle and he also happens to be an attorney in California and member of the Advocate Law Group network whose practice focuses on all aspects of biking accidents. Wyle explained, “Bikers face a bit more of a risk just in getting to work or school, or wherever they’re going, and that’s somewhat of a reward for being out there in the elements. Congestion on the roadway is also less safe for the cars, so they are actually doing something good for the environment, good for the traffic flow and are also creating less need for parking in a city environment.”

Greater risk of injury

Being unprotected on the roadways exposes bikers, especially those on motorcycles, to a greater risk of injury. Wyle explained, “The unique problem that motorcyclists face is that if they get knocked off their bike, they get hurt a lot worse than if they were in a car and had a fender bender. You can have two cars come together, they can slam, get dented metal and torn plastic and you might even get some soft tissue injuries. If a motorcyclist is hit at the same speed, they’re going to fall off their bike and something’s going to get hurt. It’s pretty rare that a motorcyclist gets knocked off their bike and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.”

Experienced riders protect themselves

Bikers of all kinds can do a variety of things to combat the dangers they face on the roadways. For example, many motorcyclists wear good protective gear which protects them, to a certain degree, from being seriously injured in an accident. However, as Wyle pointed out, many others don’t and it’s something that he says just isn’t smart. “It pains me to see a lot of the newer riders out there on a sunny day riding in sandals, shorts and a t-shirt. Most experienced motorcyclists wear protective gear. However, despite the protective gear, they still get hurt and perhaps they would get hurt a lot worse if they didn’t wear their protective gear.”

Make sure cars can see – and hear – you

Wyle says that cars just don’t often see motorcycles very well, or if they do see them, it doesn’t register in the auto driver’s mind that they’ve got to do something to avoid hitting them. He continued, “I think it’s a good idea for all motorcyclists to make themselves more visible and more heard. There’s a saying that ‘loud pipes save lives’ and I’m a firm believer in that. A lot of times, somebody might not see you, but they can hear you coming – especially if you’re coming right up alongside of them. A motorcycle exhaust system, if it’s loud, is going to rattle everybody inside the car and perhaps that driver will then perceive that there’s somebody to avoid and not make a lane change.”

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