Central United Life Insurance: Policyholders Have Until June 3rd to Opt Out Of Class Action

Central United Life Insurance cancer policies only reimburse policyholders for actual charges for chemotherapy / radiation benefits. However, the insurer has been accused of only paying a fraction of those charges and many insureds may have only received 30-40% of what they were owed. Policyholders have until June 3rd 2008 to opt out of a class action lawsuit to pursue potentially valuable individual claims against the insurer.

The lawsuit

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Central United Life Insurance Company for only paying a fraction of the actual charges for claims regarding chemotherapy / radiation treatments on its cancer policies. The class action lawsuit, Skelton v. Central United, automatically includes policyholders unless they “opt out” of the litigation to pursue individual, and potentially more valuable, claims against the insurer. The lawsuit would settle all claims from February 2003 to April 2008 and would affect any current or future claims and disputes.

Opt in vs. Opt out: What does it mean?

Opting in or out of a lawsuit can be confusing, but is actually quite simple. Class action lawsuits will either include or exclude all of those affected by the litigation. When included, members must opt out to pursue individual litigation over the matter. When excluded, individuals must opt in to become a member of the class. Although anyone affected by the litigation should have received notice, a qualified attorney will be able to determine which option applies and may be best for you.

How to preserve individual claims

Many legal experts believe that the Central United class action decision is not an adequate remedy for many policyholders and stress preserving claims by opting out of the class. In order to preserve an individual claim against the insurer, policyholders subject to the settlement should contact an attorney to determine whether they should opt out of the lawsuit. However, this must be done by June 3rd 2008.

If you are a member of this class action lawsuit and would like to speak with a qualified attorney about your options, please click here.

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