Former MEGA Life Sales Reps & Customers Report Shady Practices

MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company, the low cost health care insurer, has been investigated by a majority of state insurance departments for its business and claims practices. Many of MEGA Life’s former sales representatives and customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the insurer on Internet Blogs. Here’s what a few of them had to say on The Health Care Blog (

Patients left with unpaid bills

Mega Life and Health sells health insurance door to door to poor to middle and low income working people. They claim that they are selling a product which their customers understand. But the point their customers clearly do not understand is that the insurance has severe limits on what it pays, especially what it pays per day in cases of expensive care. So if a policyholder gets sick and needs hospital care, Mega only pays out a fraction of what the hospital charges, leaving the poor sucker patient on the hook for the rest.

– Kevin, former MEGA sales representative

Reps told to not focus on insurance

I barely made it through Mega Life training about 5 months ago and quit before going on my first appointment. They taught us to deceive clients during training by saying to focus on the NASE (National Association of the Self Employed – something that many had to join to get the insurance) benefits and not the health insurance.

– Paul, former MEGA sales representative

Run, don't walk away from MEGA

Run, don't walk away from MEGA. … I was a Mega rep, and can tell you first hand there are much better products out there. I am now a broker providing REAL health insurance. I can sleep at night knowing my clients have REAL health insurance.

– Phil, former MEGA sales representative

I fell for the MEGA scam!

I fell for the MEGA scam! This agent promised me all these awesome benefits and when it came time to use them they have paid almost nothing. … I learned my lesson the hard way! MEGA has all of these little loop holes in their coverage and they like to talk in circles when you call them wanting to know why they aren't covering a single $!

– Amy, former MEGA policyholder

If you’ve been denied valid insurance benefits or were sold insurance that doesn’t provide the coverage promised through MEGA or one of its sister companies, NASE, Midwest National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee, Alliance for Affordable Services or from its parent company, Health Markets, contact an attorney whose practice focuses in bad faith insurance litigation to discuss your situation. Consultations are free, without obligation and strictly confidential. To contact a qualified attorney, please click here.

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