MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company Policies May Not Provide Promised Health Insurance Coverage

If you purchased a healthcare policy from MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company (MEGA), you may not have the kind of coverage that was promised to you. That’s what many MEGA policy holders have found out the hard way.

MEGA has been accused of selling policies through a sales team that only represents them, yet doesn’t tell consumers that. Instead, the salesperson insinuates that consumers are joining a “group” that has access to the best rates – the old “strength in numbers” routine. According to consumer attorneys, the people who bought these policies have to be very careful, because, although they’re marketed as major medical policies, they have limited schedules whereby they have limited payments, for instance, for a hospital stay or for a physician’s visit.

These attorneys have clients that have thousands and thousands of dollars of medical bills where these companies are paying a small percentage of the bills, which they claim is all that is owed under the policies as written. However, the people who have purchased these policies were misled to believe they had true major medical insurance coverage and [that] they would be protected.

Don’t Rely on What You Were Told

Unfortunately, many consumers only look at the price and mistakenly believe that they have purchased good health insurance coverage at good rates. Not so. In one instance, a man in southern California whose cancer was in remission purchased coverage for several hundred dollars per month. He was told by the salesperson that the company would provide a rider that would include coverage for him if his cancer ever came back. It did. However, when he sought treatment, the insurance only paid a fraction of the total bill because, unknown to him, his policy contained huge deductibles. In addition, the policy limits for hospital stays were well below what hospitals actually charge – leaving him in financial ruin.

If you have insurance through MEGA or one of its sister companies, NASE, Midwest National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee, Alliance for Affordable Services or from its parent company, Health Markets, take a moment to double check on what is covered and what is not. Don’t rely on what the salesperson told you – and if you’ve wrongfully been denied proceeds from your policy, contact an attorney.

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