How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Determines the Amount of Damages in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle accidents often include more serious injuries than auto accidents, simply because motorcycles are not sheltered vehicles. If serious injuries are involved, medical expenses can easily outstrip the value of the property damage alone. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, how much can you recover, and for what types of damages? Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is an essential first towards making sure you recover fully for your losses in a motorcycle accident. Your motorcycle accident attorney will value your motorcycle accident according to the damages that you’ve suffered. There are usually two kinds of damages in these cases: special damages and general damages.

Special damages are those damages that can be proven because they are actual costs that have been paid as a result of the accident. These costs typically include both medical and non-medical expenses.

Medical special damages include ambulance expenses, doctors, hospital expenses, surgery, diagnostic tests, canes or crutches, wheelchairs, prescription drugs, and various medical supplies. Any kind of medical or medically-related expenses are included, but you should be careful to keep all records and receipts so that you can prove what these expenses have been.

There are also non-medical special damages for the cost of things or services required as a result of an accident. For example, your motorcycle might have been damaged, you might have lost your glasses in the accident, or you might need transportation to and from medical appointments or household help such as cooking, cleaning or childcare.

General damages are damages that can’t be proven exactly. These include damages such as pain and suffering, mental distress, or damages for loss of a loved one or loss of some relationship, such as the loss of sexual relations between spouses. In determining the value of pain and suffering, a motorcycle accident lawyer will usually consider the amount of special damages that have been incurred, but there isn’t any set formula for valuing these damages. Your motorcycle accident attorney will often look at the awards given in other motorcycle accident cases, so it’s good to have a motorcycle accident attorney who is familiar with these awards and can value your case accurately and help you get the best recovery possible.

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