Are Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Outlaws?

Motorcycle accident lawyers are a different breed of lawyers – especially if they ride. Case in point: “I like the speed, the freedom and a little bit of the outlaw aspect of being a motorcyclist. We all have that. Nobody who rides can deny it”, says Claude Wyle, a California attorney and member of the Advocate Law Group network who has been practicing motorcycle law, and riding, for 25 years.

Think about every turn in front of you

Just as good lawyers continually think about every turn in front them – so does the motorcyclist. Wyle explained what he likes best about biking:

I like the sense of freedom. There’s a sense of Zen in riding. You have to concentrate on what you’re doing in riding a motorcycle. What makes them unique is that the operation of a motorcycle is estimated to be at least five times more complicated than driving a car. You’re entire body is involved when you ride a motorcycle and it requires a degree of attention that is much higher than operating a car. That doesn’t make it worse for me; it makes it better because I’m not going be thinking about what’s going on at the office. I’m not going to be thinking about anything else.

You’re going to be concentrating on what you’re doing and there’s definitely a Zen aspect to that. You’re going to be thinking about each and every turn ahead of you. A good motorcyclist is constantly strategizing about what’s happening in front of him. There’s so much to do and I really enjoy thinking about all these things and working it out on an oncoming basis mile after mile after mile.

The outlaw factor

So, what about the outlaw factor? Wyle continued, “Yes, motorcycles are great for the environment, good for traffic and it’s just a more efficient way of getting around. I like the fact that I’m not driving a Hummer spending all that money and energy and creating a huge carbon footprint. However, I’ll also admit that I like the fact that I’m a bit of an outlaw.”

“Plaintiff lawyers, by and large, are a bit of outlaws as well in terms of our history. We’re going after the insurance companies. We’re going after the powerful corporations. We’re working for the little guy against the big guy. There’s an element of Robin Hood to all of us and I guess motorcycling just suits that aspect of my personality. I also like taking the turns and I love the scenery. I live one street off of Highway 1 and I just love the California coast. It’s beautiful and I ride it every chance I get.”

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