Motorcyclists at Higher Risk than Those in Cars / Trucks

Motorcycle riders are generally over 30 times more likely to be killed in an accident than those driving a car or truck. In fact, over half of all motorcycle accidents result from a collision with other vehicles – many of those involving trucks.

What is a motorcycle accident worth?

A motorcycle accident – no matter how small – is never a good thing. Unfortunately, accidents happen. When insurance doesn’t cover the damages, many motorcyclists and their families sue the other driver. But what is a motorcycle accident really worth? Here are some of the figures we found in the public record:

  • $2.25M Brain damage, stroke
  • $2.5M Partial paralysis
  • $1.75M Amputation
  • $1.65M Vertebrae and nerve damage
  • $1M Death
  • $975K Fractured tibia and loss of consortium
  • $900K Death
  • $500K Death
  • $355K Death
  • $100K Death
  • $195K Fractured bones, collapsed lung, loss of spleen, other minor injuries
  • $165K Fractured leg
  • $155K Fractured wrists
  • $130K Fractured sternum and cervical spine
  • $12OK Soft tissue injuries and broken bones
  • $100K Head injury, soft tissue injuries

Note: The above information is given for informational purposes only and shows just how much damage amounts can differ for the same injury, or even death. The circumstances of the case, the evidence available, the geographical location and the experience of the attorney are all factors in the amount.

What can and can’t be controlled

When you file a lawsuit, there are certain circumstances you cannot control such as what evidence is available and the circumstances surrounding the case. You must work with what you have. Other areas are controllable – such as which attorney you hire. Many attorneys will take whatever type of case you bring them. While that certainly makes their office a one-stop shop, it might not be in your best interest to hire someone who has no experience handling a motorcycle case. Someone who has no experience handling a motorcycle injury case can be in for a high learning curve.

There are also many attorneys whose practice focuses on motorcycle accidents. They know how the process works and know what to ask for and what not to.

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