Motorcycle Injury Accidents: What Are You Entitled To?

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating. Even the slightest accident can cause irreparable harm. Unfortunately, accidents happen. When they do, it is important to make sure that you get what you’re entitled to. But, what are you entitled to?


Compensation from a motorcycle accident may be in the form of medical bills, ongoing or future medical treatment, repair / replacement / rental reimbursement, loss of earnings now and in the future, expenses incurred due to the accident and physical and emotional pain and suffering. Compensation can vary depending upon the nature and gravity of the accident and it’s important to consult with an attorney whose practice focuses in this area of law.

Specific injuries

As with any accident, determining the amount for specific injuries can be challenging. Many factors must be considered including the type of accident, the circumstances surrounding the accident, the road conditions, whether a helmet was worn, riding experience, road surface hazards, and the geographical location to name a few. While each accident must be viewed separately, the following data from public sources provides in formation on actual settlements and verdicts:

  • $2.25M Brain damage, stroke
  • $2.5M Partial paralysis
  • $1.75M Amputation
  • $1.65M Vertebrae and nerve damage
  • $1M, $900K, $500K, $355K, $100K Several deaths case reportings
  • $975K Fractured tibia and loss of consortium
  • $195K Fractured bones, collapsed lung, loss of spleen, other minor injuries
  • $165K Fractured leg
  • $155K Fractured wrists
  • $130K Fractured sternum and cervical spine

Note: The above information is given for informational purposes only and shows just how much damage amounts can differ for the same injury, or even death.

Getting the facts and seeking help

When you’re riding, it’s important to know the laws of your state regarding helmet use and insurance requirements. To find this information, see the following websites:

When you have questions about motorcycle laws or need to discuss the consequences of an accident, you should contact an attorney whose practice focuses in this area of the law.

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