Healthcare Rescission

Retroactive Cancellation/Rescission of Individual Health Plans
Health history on individual medical plans closely scrutinized for misrepresentations or omissions.

What Triggers a Rescission of a Health Insurance Policy
Lying, hiding or concealing information on your health insurance application can result in rescission of your health insurance policy.

Fighting Back a Rescission of Your Health Insurance Policy
Steps to resolve a rescission include talking with claims manager, contacting state department of insurance, mediation and consulting an attorney.

When Your Health Insurance Policy is Cancelled: Legal and Illegal Rescissions
Post-claims underwriting is a term for an illegal practice in which insurance companies cancel policies after a claim has been filed.

Canceled Health Insurance Policies in California: Is It Legal?
Is legal to cancel a health insurance policy California. It may be but California health insurance companies have been accused of illegally canceling health insurance policies.

Health Insurance Rescission Spells Trouble For Consumers
This article describes what rescission means to consumers and discusses the recent BC Life investigation performed by the State of California on that insurer's claim handling practices.

Losing Your Insurance Affects Everyone
Cynthia Campbell's husband, Allen, watches his wife slowly die of cancer and desperately look for work to obtain insurance after her insurer refused to renew her policy. His story is like that of so many others who can't do much but watch them suffer.

MHC Issues Proposed Regulations to Stop Illegal Insurance Rescissions
California's Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) recently issued proposed regulations to combat insurance companies from rescinding healthcare policies that not only leave consumers without insurance, but make it almost impossible for them to obtain

AB1324 Now In Effect: What It Means To You
AB1324 was passed in 2007 with very little fanfare. The consumer-friendly law, which is really just a 'restatement' of existing law, went into effect on January 1st and is intended to stop insurance companies from rescinding insurance policies instead of

Healthcare Rescissions: Help May Be On the Way for Consumers
The practice of rescinding healthcare insurance policies has become a loophole for many insurers to avoid paying claims. However, help may be on the way for consumers. The insurance industry group, America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) has proposed an

AHIP Proposes Independent Appeals Process for Insurance Company Rescissions
The insurance industry group, America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) has proposed an independent appeals process for policyholders whose insurance companies have rescinded coverage. The proposal is in response to increasingly heavy fines, investigations

Consumers May Soon Get Intermediary Help with Insurance Policy Rescissions
The insurance industry's ongoing practice of rescinding health insurance policies continuously makes headlines. State regulators, judges and juries have shown their disapproval of these practices by slapping insurers with heavy fines and multi million do

California to Review All Rescissions by State’s 5 Largest Insurers over Past 4 Years
California's Department of Managed Health Care announced yesterday that it plans to review every rescinded insurance policy from the state's five largest insurers over the past four years. It estimates that thousands of insurance policies will be involve

CA Health Care Insurers Continue To Deny Policy Rescissions
California's largest health care insurers are waiting for the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) to tell them which of their rescinded policies will be subject to review by an outside arbiter. The DMHC has been aggressively targeting insurers over

Kaiser & Health Net Will Reinstate Over 1,100 Rescinded Health Insurance Policies
The Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Health Net have settled potential litigation with California's Department of Managed Care (DMHC) by agreeing to pay fines and reinstate over 1,100 rescinded health insurance policies over the past four years.