MEGA life and health insurance company

MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company Policies May Not Provide Promised Health Insurance Coverage
If you purchased a healthcare policy from MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company (MEGA), you may not have the kind of coverage that was promised to you.

Insurance Scams Focus on the Self Employed
Insurance companies offering low cost medical policies to the self employed may not provide adequate coverage.

What to Do If You’ve Purchased Policies from MEGA Life and Health Insurance Compan
Purchasers of a healthcare policy from MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company (MEGA) may have potential legal claims.

Beware of Healthcare Policies That Seem Too Good To Be True
Beware of low premiums on your medical insurance policy as it may indicate less coverage.

Be Wary When Your Insurance Agent Says ‘Everything Will Be Covered’
any Americans without health care insurance are turning to private insurance companies for coverage. These companies know they have a captive audience and often tell consumers anything they want to hear - such as 'don't worry, everything will be covered'

Family Left With $200,000 in Unpaid Bills – And They Had Insurance
A California family recently filed a lawsuit against Mega Life Insurance Company after their agent told them that they would be covered for certain medical expenses and then were not.

When Is Healthcare Coverage Not Worth The Premiums?
Sometimes healthcare coverage is not worth the premiums we pay for it. Several states, including Delaware and Massachusetts, have come forward and accused Mega Life Insurance Company for doing just that.

Mega Life Insurance Co.’s Broken Promises Leave New Parents Broke
Mega Insurance Company's broken promises to new parents left them with unpaid medical bills that their agent specifically told them would be covered. This is another example of Mega's agents telling policyholders whatever they want to hear just to make t

Delaware Fines MEGA Life Insurance Co. $500,000 for Insurance Violations
The Delaware Insurance Commission fined MEGA Life & Health Insurance Company of Texas (MEGA) $500,000 for steering customers into individual health insurance policies, failing to provide state-required coverages, engaging in deceptive and improper marketi

MEGA Life Agrees To Stop Shady Practices in Massachusetts
MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company (MEGA) is in the news - again. This time, the company has preliminarily agreed to stop certain of its practices in the state of Massachusetts that are meant to deceive consumers.

Better Business Bureau Gives Mega Insurance Company Lowest Rating
The Better Business Bureau, a private non-profit organization which provides businesses and consumers with information on complaints filed against companies, has given Mega Life Insurance Company its lowest possible rating.

Major Insurance Investigation Leaves MEGA Life Facing Hefty Fines
MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company, along with its parent and sister companies, HealthMarkets, Mid-West National Life and Chesapeake Life insurance companies, recently scored very low on a multi-state insurance examination by the National Association

MEGA Ordered To Refund $4.6M in Premiums and Pay Record $1M Fine
MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company has been ordered to refund $4.6 million in overpaid health insurance premiums to Maine consumers - plus an additional $1 million in civil penalties for four years of calculating those premiums using flawed methods.

Former MEGA Life Sales Reps & Customers Report Shady Practices
MEGA Life, the low cost health care insurer, has been investigated by a majority of state insurance departments for its business and claims practices. Many of MEGA Life's former sales representatives and customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with t

MEGA Life Cannot Claim Ignorance of Its Own Guidelines
The MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company cannot claim ignorance of its own guidelines according to a Texas judge who recently ordered the insurer to make good on a life insurance policy.

$17M MEGA Life & Health Insurance Settlement Biggest In Massachusetts History
Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley's Office has reported that it has reached a record $17 million settlement with low cost / low benefit health insurance companies MEGA Life and Health Insurance, Mid-West National Life Insurance Company and parent company, HealthMarkets, for bad faith insurance practices including unfair and deceptive marketing and administration practices and for denying claims to Massachusetts residents.