Defective Tires

Tire Defect Attorney - How to find the right one
Finding the right attorney in a tire defect case is an important proposition. Hiring an attorney with experience can make all the difference.

Goodyear’s Defective G159 275/70 Tire – What Consumers Need To Know
Goodyear's defective G 159 tire has been the source of controversy for many years. Attorney Rick Morrison explains what consumers need to know about the tire's defect and product liability.

What Consumers Should Do If They Own Goodyear’s G 159 275/70 Tire
This article explains the controversy surrounding Goodyear's G 159 tire and what consumers who own this tire should do to protect themselves.

The Ugly Truth About Goodyear’s G 159 275/70 Tire
Goodyear's G 159 tire has been the subject of controversy with large recreational vehicle owners who say that the tire is defective. Find out what Goodyear has done about it and what you can do to protect yourself.

When Did Defects Start To Appear In Goodyear’s G 159 275/70 Tire?
Defects in Goodyear's G 159 tire started to appear immediately according to industry experts. However, Goodyear has done little to correct the problem and consumers are now angry and confused.

Consumer Groups Blame NHTSA For Lax Behavior
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is being blamed by consumer groups and politicians for not recalling defective Chinese tires sooner that have put Americans' lives at risk.

Recall Of Chinese Made Tires Begins July 2nd, But Hurry…
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has demanded that the Foreign Tire Sales Company recall 450,000 defective Chinese tires. The importer, however, can only afford to replace ten percent of the recalled tires.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Recalls 48,000 Tires
Cooper Tire & Rubber announced that it is recalling over 48,000 tires after receiving reports of tire separation and failure. It is the third recall in two years. In July 2007, Cooper recalled over 90,000 of its Dominator Sport ATV tires and in Februar

Goodyear May Have Known That Its G159 Tires Were Faulty
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company may have known that its G159 tires were faulty according to a statement made by a Goodyear claims representative. That information is good news for consumers who may have been injured.

Report Shows Old Tires Being Sold As New
A recent ABC report showed that many of the nation's largest tire retailers are selling older tires as new ' even though manufacturers and consumer advocate groups say that tires more than six years old become brittle and may cause severe injury.

U.S. Not Up To Speed with Europe on Tire Replacement
While the United States is quickly catching up with European countries on the price of gas, we are not up to speed when it comes to replacing tires on our vehicles. In fact, many European manufacturers warn consumers that they should replace their tires