Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents: Who Can Be Sued
Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident with a big rig, who will you or your loved ones hold responsible for the damages?

Truck Accidents: Collecting Evidence After a Crash
If you or a family member is involved in an accident with a truck, time is of the essence when it comes to investigating and collecting evidence. The crash site needs to be examined quickly in order to determine what happened: how, where, when and why.

Truck Accidents: Driver Fault
Like the driver of a passenger vehicle, a truck driver may be held liable for an accident if he or she was driving negligently, i.e., failing to follow the rules of the road.

The Role of the Truck Accident Lawyer in Truck Accident Cases
Tractor-trailer crashes are not typical motor vehicle accidents, and for that reason, should you or a family member be the victim of such a crash, you need to hire an attorney who understands that your case shouldn't be handled the same way as a two-car c

Trucking Accident Victims’ Families Get $18M Settlement
The families of four Kansas City women who were killed in a 2006 trucking accident settled their cases against the truck driver's employer for $18 million after a jury determined that the employer failed to properly screen and test the driver.

High Tech Trucking Devices May Help Injured Consumers Prove Their Cases
When a plane crashes, the first thing officials recover is the black box - a device that records data that assists with the investigation. With the advancement of technology, the trucking industry now installs similar gadgets on their vehicles. These high tech devices may allow victims of trucking accidents to preserve valuable evidence that once may have been lost.

AAA Reports 56% Of Fatalities Involve Aggression
Drive on any road in the United States and you're likely to encounter an aggressive driver. In fact, if we're honest with ourselves, every one of us has likely exhibited that behavior at one time or another. So, how does aggression factor into fatalities on U.S. roads? According to a new report by AAA, 56% of fatalities involve aggressive behavior.