Fire Insurance

Important Steps In The Fire Insurance Claim Process
Consumers often don't know what to do when their home has been destroyed by fire. The claims process can be confusing and our experts explain the details of how to go through the process successfully.

Is Your Insurer Trying To Have YOU Investigate Your Fire Loss?
In a tactic to avoid paying fire insurance claims, some insurers shift the burden of investigating fire insurance losses to policyholders. When insurers shift the burden, policyholders should stand their ground and tell their insurers to do their job.

California Fires Burn Over 15,000 Acres
The fires in California have burned over 15,000 acres in the past week and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. The governor has held several press conferences on the fires and homeowners are scrambling to make sure they are covered.

California Consumers Trying To Understand Fire Insurance
Consumers in California are trying to understand their fire insurance policies due to the recent wave of fires in the state. Our expert provides some helpful tips to consumers about loss of use and additional living expense.

Southern California Wildfires Property Damage Nearing $1B
The numerous fires burning in Southern California have displaced nearly 900,000 people, burned over 400 acres (645 square miles) and caused property damage of nearly $1 Billion. For many homeowners, the thought of insurance is the last thing on their min

Southern California Fire - Homeowners Discovering They May Be Underinsured
Now that the Southern California fires have nearly been extinguished and the rebuilding process has begun, many homeowners in the area are facing the daunting task of dealing with their insurance companies over damages, estimates and claims. Unfortunatel

California Fires Spark Class Action Lawsuit Against State
The recent California may fires have ended, but litigation against the state and other parties is just beginning to heat up. A class action lawsuit may soon be filed by the founder and former president of the Malibu Bar Association due to the alleged ina

San Diego Gas & Sempra Energy Sued Over California Fires
A lawsuit has been filed against San Diego Gas & Electric Company and Sempra Energy by landowners and businesses in the Ramona, California area. The lawsuit alleges that the companies acted negligently by not repairing power lines that may have led to Ca

SDG&E Will Likely Settle 2007 California Fire Claims For $1B
San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E), through its parent company, Sempra Energy, will likely settle the numerous 2007 California fire claims filed against it for nearly $1 billion.