Maritime Law

What Is Maritime Law?
Maritime law is very specialized. Knowing where to file suit, what damages are available and how the law is applied requires the skills of an attorney who understands the law inside and out.

Maritime Injuries – How Workers Are Compensated
Maritime workers are compensated for injuries in a variety of ways including the principle of maintenance and cure, the doctrine of unseaworthiness and the Jones Act. Due to the complexity of the law, maritime workers should hire an attorney whose practi

Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act: What Is It?
The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act is a type of workers' compensation for those workers who are employed on piers, wharfs, dry docks and terminals.

Maritime Law: Defined
Maritime law essentially refers to any type of injuries that occur on navigable waterways. It's a pretty low test to meet for maritime law to apply and it simply has to be what they describe as a navigable waterway, meaning boats can go up and down it. I

The Jones Act & How It Affects Maritime Workers
The Jones Act, a specific statute that Congress wrote to help workers, allows an employee to file a tort lawsuit against his employer and applies to certain maritime workers who have been injured on the job. However, not every maritime worker qualifies t

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act: Defined
The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, also referred to as the Longshore Act, falls under the general umbrella of maritime law. While the Act generally applies to those who are injured on, or near, the water, we asked an expert to shed some

Maritime Law Definitions Determine Case Filings
Maritime law, which governs any type of injuries that occur on navigable waterways, precisely defines terms such as “seaman”, “longshoreman” and “land and sea workers”. Those definitions are extremely important as they may determine what type of claim a

Maintenance & Cure: How It Differs From Workers’ Compensation
Maintenance and cure, a right that seamen have under general maritime law, is a daily living amount that is paid to the injured employee along with their medical expenses. But how does maintenance and cure differ from a workers' compensation scheme? To

How To Best Treat Maritime Injuries
When an employee is injured on the job, an accident report is usually filed and the employee's injuries are treated. However, maritime workers, those working on or near the water, should be extra careful when going through the process. In this article,

Offshore Crane and Oil Rig Accidents: What You Need To Know
Injuries sustained by maritime workers - those working on or near the water - are subject to different laws and regulations than injuries sustained by land-based workers. On top of those, offshore crane and oil rig accidents have rules of their own. Con

The Importance of Hiring a Qualified Maritime Attorney
Maritime cases are very complicated - much more so than land-based cases such as car accidents or workplace injuries. Individuals will have rights against multiple parties, will have different rights against each of those parties and can normally collect

Maritime Injury Cases - Case Preparation Is Key Ingredient
Lawyers who represent clients in any type of case must be certain that every “t” is crossed and every “i” is dotted to obtain the best possible recovery. In maritime injury cases, those where a worker has been injured on or near the water, lawyers genera

Collecting Under The Jones And Longshore Acts: What Does Each Provide?
Maritime workers, those who work on or near the water, receive benefits under the Jones Act or the Longshore Act when they are injured on the job. While both provide medical and compensation benefits, recovery under the Jones Act may be more beneficial t

Filing A Maritime Lawsuit: What You Should Know
When you've been injured on the job and are deciding whether to file a case, it's important to know how long the process takes, the possible forms of resolution and the costs that may be involved. That's especially true for maritime workers as their inju

Maritime Lawsuit - How To Increase Your Chances Of Prevailing
Injured maritime workers claims are subject to different rules and regulations than most land-based workers. The Jones Act and the Longshore Act generally control maritime injuries as opposed to workers' compensation. So, seeking the counsel of a qualif

Best Practices For Hiring The Right Maritime Attorney
Knowing when to contact an attorney, what questions to ask and how he or she is compensated can save you time, money and headaches - especially when dealing with complex maritime issues. In this article, Tim Young, an attorney from New Orleans, Louisiana

Maritime Injury Cases: What Damages Are Available?
Maritime law, which essentially refers to any type of injuries that occur on navigable waterways, allows for all damages suffered by the injured party. In this article, Attorney Tim Young discusses what damages might be available to injured workers.