Birth Injury

Do You Have A Birth Injury Case?
It's important to understand what birth injuries are and to know whether the doctor and/or hospital can be held accountable for the injury

Wrongful Life Birth Cases: A New Trend?
Wrongful life cases are filed when parents are unable to prevent the birth of a severely disabled child due to a doctor's or hospital's failure to provide them with important information about the disability during pregnancy. More of these cases are bein

Birth Injury Lawsuits: Defined
When a child is profoundly injured or dies at birth due to medical negligence, everyone grieves. As anyone who had suffered this kind of injury knows, the emotional aspects are simply overwhelming. Birth injury cases are also the most complex type of me

Birth Injury Lawsuits: Why Are They Unique?
Birth injury cases, where a child has been profoundly injured or died due to medical negligence, are extremely difficult emotionally and financially. Although they fall into the category of medical negligence cases, birth injury cases are unique.

Birth Injury Lawsuits: Filing and Damage Limitations
Birth injury cases can be very complicated for all those involved - including the child, family, friends and even the attorney. Aside from the financial and emotional impact, the law sets certain limits on when a case must be filed and may limit damages.

Birth Injury Lawsuits: The Importance of Obtaining Medical Records
Obtaining medical records in a birth injury cases is an absolute must before filing a lawsuit - and there are many records that need to be obtained. Sometimes, the process can be difficult, but knowing what to obtain and when to obtain it can make all th

Birth Injury Experts and Evidence Required
Hiring the right experts and obtaining the right evidence in birth injury cases couldn't be more important. In this article, Jeff Milman, an attorney who has been practicing law for 26 years and specializes in medical negligence and birth injury cases, p

Birth Injury Lawsuits: Costs and Timeframes Involved
Since birth injury cases are unique types of medical negligence claims, they often are more expensive and may take longer to resolve. However, hiring an attorney who has handled these types of cases can provide you with more definitive guidelines on the

Birth Injury Life Care Plans: an Expert’s View
For a child that has been injured at birth due to medical negligence, a life care plan is usually created to provide for the future medical needs for the rest of the child's life. It's a complicated matter that requires the participation of many speciali

The Importance of Hiring the Right Birth Injury Attorney
Hiring the right birth injury attorney is especially important as the process requires multiple experts, a good sum of money to retain those experts and to prosecute the case successfully. The right lawyer in these types of cases will be one who is very

Non-Traditional Birth Injury Lawsuits
Not all birth injury lawsuits are filed in a traditional manner. Cases against health maintenance organizations (HMOs), the Veteran's Administration and midwifes use the same theories of law, but often have different venue requirements. In this article,

Birth Injury Lawsuits: Who Is Liable?
When a child is injured at birth due to medical negligence, discovering who may be liable can often be a difficult task. Parents, guardians, attorneys and experts must review the medical records to see what went wrong and when to be sure that liability i

Birth Injury Lawsuits Require Special Financial Planning
Children that are injured at birth due to medical negligence may require continued medical care - and sometimes that care may be needed for the rest of their lives. Attorneys who handle birth injury cases use experts to create special financial plans to

CT Jury Awards $38.5M in Obstetrician Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
A Stamford Connecticut jury has awarded $38.5 million to the family of a child born with Cerebral Palsy. The jury found that the obstetrician was negligent in not performing a Caesarean section quickly enough to avoid injury. It is believed to be one of

FDA Says CellCept and Myfortic May Cause Birth Injuries and Neurological Diseases
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued another warning on the organ transplant drugs CellCept and Myfortic. The drugs have been linked to birth defects and miscarriages and the FDA is currently investigating possible links to rare neurolo

Illinois Mother Receives $15M in Birth Injury Lawsuit
An Illinois mother whose son suffered permanent brain damage and disfiguration due to a hospital delivery staff's negligence received a $15 million settlement from the hospital, a medical clinic and a staffing company. It is thought to be the largest set

Mother Settles Horrific Wisconsin Birth Injury Case for $18.2M
A Wisconsin mother settled a birth injury case with the federal government for $18.2 million after receiving horrific care from the former Sinai-Samaritan Hospital in Milwaukee that caused her daughter to suffer severe and permanent brain injuries.