Long Term Care Insurance

Policyholders Share Their Long Term Care Insurance Woes
A group of long term care insurance policyholders complained of benefits being denied for any reason and premium increases so extravagant that they have a hard time making ends meet.

Long Term Care Insurance: High Costs / Caregiver Shortages / Questionable Coverage
Long term care insurance, a form of insurance purchased to pay for the kinds of care generally required in old age such as nursing homes, in-home health care and assisted living facilities, may not provide the peace of mind that had been intended due to h

New Forms of Long Term Care Insurance Being Discussed
The long term care insurance (LTC) industry has been fraught with problems in the past decade including unmanageable premium increases, limited coverage and insurance companies who find ways to deny benefits due to the increasing cost of health care. The

Long Term Care Insurance: A Controversial Issue in Florida
Long term care insurance is a controversial issue to many these days - especially since so many insurance carriers make it very difficult for policyholders to collect their valid benefits. The issue really resonates in the state of Florida which has the

Long Term Care Insurance in Florida: What Laws Protect the Elderly?
Some long term care insurance companies are notorious for not paying policyholders the benefits that are rightfully theirs. This is especially true in the state of Florida which has a high percentage of elderly residents. So, what laws protect the elder

Long Term Care Insurance: Is Your Carrier Not Paying?
illions of Americans have long term care insurance. While it's supposed to provide peace of mind, many policyholders experience just the opposite - because their insurance company doesn't pay. What should you do if this happens?

Long Term Care Insurance: How an Attorney Can Help
Fighting a large insurance company over wrongfully denied long term care benefits alone can be a losing battle - especially for the elderly. Long term care insurance is supposed to make life easier - not harder. If you simply can't get your insurance co

The Long Term Care Insurance Claims Process: What You Need To Know
The claims process involved with long term care insurance benefits doesn't have to be difficult. Unfortunately, many insurance companies often make it difficult - leaving policyholders confused and angry. In order to make the claims process easier, ther

Long Term Care Insurance Greatly Affects Florida’s Elderly Population
Long term care insurance affects Florida's elderly population in many ways; unfortunately, most of them aren't in good ways. Claim denials and stalling tactics are commonplace, according to Dan Thornburgh, a Florida attorney whose firm represents long te

Texas AG Investigating Genworth Financial's Long Term Care Insurance Practices
The Texas Attorney General's Office is investigating Genworth Financial's long term care insurance practices. It comes on the heels of another investigation of long term care insurance practices by Conseco in which the insurer agreed to pay $6.3 million in fines.

Conseco Transfers LTC Policies To State Fund Leaving 140,000 Policyholders At Risk
Conseco, the Indiana based insurer and one of the nation's largest sellers of long term care insurance, has transferred its long term care policies to a state trust fund in Pennsylvania. The move puts 140,000 of its policyholders at risk of having their premiums increase, their benefits decrease and their claims subject to policy limits.

Senate Committee Investigates Long Term Care Insurance Companies
The Senate Special Committee on Aging recently questioned regulators and representatives of the long term care insurance industry about the state of the long term insurance market and introduced the Confidence in Long Term Care Insurance Act which is designed to curb premiums, train insurance sales agents and allow consumers to compare policies before purchase.

Long Term Care Insurance: Policyholders Paying Premiums In Return For Claim Denials
Long term care (LTC) insurance policyholders who have been paying their premiums on time, all the time, should feel confident that their insurance company will step up the plate when it comes time for them to collect those benefits. Unfortunately, many policyholders find their claims being denied or delayed instead. Here's how one woman got her claim paid and some expert tips on what you can do to get yours paid, too.

Congress Opens Investigation On Substandard Treatment At Long Term Care Facilities
The Senate Finance Committee, led by Senators Max Baucus (D-MT) and Charles Grassley (D-IA), has opened an investigation into substandard patient care and deaths at long term care (LTC) facilities after numerous reports of patients being treated horrifically.