Kaiser Permanente Medical and Hospital Malpractice

Kaiser Permanente’s Medical Malpractice Claims
What are the most frequent claims filed against Kaiser Permanente? Our expert answers that question and provides examples of cases.

Kaiser Permanente Claims: How Have They Changed Their Practices?
As the largest HMO in California, Kaiser Permanente has been criticized for handling claims too slowly and for hiring doctors that aren't quite up to par. However, experts are now saying that Kaiser has changed some of these practices - for the better.

Kaiser Permanente & The California Insurance System: What Needs To Be Changed?
Both the California insurance system and Kaiser Permanente should change some of the ways they do business. Our expert explains how.

Kaiser Permanente’s Patient Handbook: Helpful or Harmful?
Kaiser Permanente offers patients a handbook that is supposed to assist them with medical questions. However, many experts believe that the handbook promotes self diagnosis more than just providing helpful information.

Kaiser Permanente Medical Malpractice - Little More Than a Slap On The Wrist
Doctors found guilty of medical malpractice at Kaiser Permanente might not be subject to the kind of disciplinary action you might think. Our expert provides the details.

Kaiser Permanente Medical Malpractice Attorney - How to hire
Hiring an attorney when you've been the victim of medical negligence is simply a must. You need someone whose practice specializes in that type of law to get the best representation possible.

Kaiser Permanente vs. Other Insurers: How Do Claims Against Doctors Differ?
Claims against doctors at Kaiser Permanente must be arbitrated instead of being litigated in a traditional court system. Our expert explains the process.

Kaiser Permanente Arbitration : How Does It Work?
Kaiser Permanente, California's largest HMO, requires patients to arbitrate claims - and that arbitration is binding. This article explains how the process works.

Kaiser Permanente: Arbitration vs. Litigation
Patients at Kaiser Permanente cannot sue a physician in the traditional court setting; they must arbitrate their claims according to an agreement they sign when becoming a patient with the company. While arbitration and litigation are similar in many way

Kaiser Medical Malpractice Settlements: What Are They Worth?
Settlements against Kaiser Permanente vary depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case. Jeff Milman, an attorney who knows the Kaiser system well, provided some information on settlements that his firm has obtained against the insurer.