Workers Compensation Bad Faith

Arizona Workers’ Compensation Insurance: What Is It?
Most people have a general idea about what workers' compensation is all about - it's insurance designed to protect workers who become injured on the job. However, it's a bit more complicated than that and every state has its own nuances. Arizona, in par

When Do Arizona Workers’ Compensation Issues Become Bad Faith Cases?
Simple workers' compensation cases can quickly become bad faith cases. This article explains how that happens in Arizona and what claimants can do to fight back.

Suing For Bad Faith in AZ Workers’ Comp Cases May Open Other Doors
Many states don't allow employees to sue insurance companies for bad faith in workers' compensation cases. Arizona does allow it, so why don't more people sue for bad faith when they have the opportunity? This article explains why.

AZ Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith: What Damages Are You Entitled To?
The damages that someone is entitled to in a workers' compensation case will vary depending upon their injury and how their insurance company handles their claim. However, Arizona residents have other options when it comes to damages. This explains thos

Flex Your Arizona Workers’ Comp Muscles
Many states limit injured employees to their state's workers' compensation system and whatever their statutory entitlement might be. However, Arizona residents have other options and more and more are starting to flex their workers' compensation muscles.