Bayer Blamed For 22,000 Trasylol-Related Deaths
German-based Bayer Pharmaceuticals, maker of Trasylol - a drug used to limit bleeding in heart surgery - has been blamed for 22,000 deaths that have been linked to the drug. Industry and legal experts say that Bayer knew about the problems linked to Tras

Trasylol: Patients Shocked At Bayer’s Failure to Warn
Patients who were given Trasylol, a drug used to limit bleeding in heart surgery, have reported being shocked at Bayer Pharmaceutical's failure to warn the public about the dangers involved with the drugs use. According to researchers and a recent CBS 60

Bayer’s Trasylol: What Really Happened?
Trasylol, the drug used in heart surgery to stop bleeding, has been controversial from its inception in the 1980's. Several studies have been conducted showing the drugs correlation to kidney failure, increased risk of heart attacks and strokes and claim

Trasylol: Doctor Claims 22,000 Patients May Have Died In Vain
Dr. Dennis Mangano, a respected doctor and researcher, has stated that approximately 22,000 lives could have been saved if Bayer had pulled the drug Trasylol off the market sooner. Trasylol, a drug used to limit bleeding in heart surgery, was pulled off

Two New Studies Show Dangers of Bayer’s Trasylol
Two new studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine provide further proof that Bayer Pharmaceutical's Trasylol, known generically as aprotinin and used to control bleeding in heart bypass surgery, is very dangerous. While Bayer was forced to

Trasylol Litigation: April 2008 Update
Bayer pulled Trasylol, a drug used to limit bleeding in heart surgery, off the market in January 2008 after it was discovered that it may be linked to over 20,000 deaths over the past few years. We asked Frank Woodson, an Alabama attorney whose firm repr

Trasylol Lawsuits: Which Causes Of Action Will Likely Apply?
When Trasylol, Bayer's drug used to limit bleeding in heart surgery, was pulled off the market earlier in 2008, a flood of lawsuits were filed against the pharmaceutical manufacturer for not warning patients and doctors about the dangers of the drug - inf

Trasylol Patients: Beware Of Statute of Limitation Issues
Patients who took Trasylol (Bayer's controversial drug used to limit bleeding in heart surgery), or their loved ones, should beware of statute of limitations issues is they plan to file a lawsuit against the company. In a recent interview, Alabama attorn

Bayer Says It Faces Many Lawsuits Over Trasylol
Bayer AG, the maker of Trasylol, says that it has already been sued nearly 80 times for its recently recalled anti-clotting drug that has been linked to thousands of deaths worldwide. Industry analysts say that this is only the beginning…

Trasylol Attorney's Expert Analysis
Bayer's Trasylol was approved for post surgical bleeding primarily after heart surgeries. However, it's now being discovered that Trasylol had many serious side effects that could have been responsible for thousands of deaths.

Did Bayer Falsely Convince Many of the Drug’s Effectiveness?
More and more information about Trasylol has become available since Bayer took it off the market in November 2007 and Dr. Dennis Mangano appeared on the popular news show, 60 Minutes, linking the company to potentially thousands of deaths. Legal experts

Trasylol Attorney Say Bayer Knew Of Dangers for Years
Trasylol, Bayer AG's drug to treat post surgical bleeding primarily after heart surgeries, was pulled from the market in November 2007. It was given to patients in the United States for 14 years, but Bayer's previous knowledge of the drug's dangers is on

We’re You Given Trasylol? Here’s How To Find Out
Trasylol was given to thousands of patients in the United States from 1993 to 2007 when it was pulled off the market. The drug, used to control post surgical bleeding primarily after heart surgeries, has been linked to possibly thousands of deaths - leav

Trasylol Patient Sues Bayer over Financial Injuries
The controversy over Bayer Trasylol, a drug used to limit bleeding in heart and other surgeries, continues. While the pharmaceutical giant is being sued for withholding information on the dangers of the drug, a North Carolina man is suing Bayer claiming

Bayer Removing All Trasylol from U.S. Stock
Bayer Pharmaceuticals has notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it is removing all remaining Trasylol stock from U.S. warehouses and hospital or doctors' shelves. Trasylol was taken off the market in November 2007 after reports showed

Study Shows Trasylol Patients Have A 54% Higher Risk of Death
The long-awaited results of a Canadian study looking at the effects of Trasylol were published in the New England Journal of Medicine today. Results of the 2007 study show that patients given Trasylol had a 54% higher risk of death than patients using si

2008 ICES Study Provides More Evidence That Bayer's Trasylol Wasn't Safe
A new study by the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) in Toronto reveals that Bayer's Trasylol, an anti-bleeding drug which had been used in cardiac surgery, was riskier to use than alternative drugs. This is not good news for Bayer who has been accused of concealing the risks of Trasylol for years and faces hundreds of lawsuits.