Trasylol Patient Sues Bayer over Financial Injuries

The controversy over Bayer’s Trasylol, a drug used to limit bleeding in heart and other surgeries, continues. While the pharmaceutical giant is being sued for withholding information on the dangers of the drug, a North Carolina man is suing Bayer claiming that Trasylol injured him financially.

The lawsuit

A North Carolina man has filed a lawsuit against Bayer claiming that the price of Trasylol, often as much as $1,000 per injection, was far higher than similar drugs that served the same purpose – at a cost of around $50 per injection. He claims that he wouldn’t have used Trasylol had the company come forward sooner about the known dangers of the drug. His action seeks economic damages from the company.

Legal experts agree

Legal experts following the Trasylol controversy agree that the price of Trasylol was far higher than similar blot clotting drugs. In a recent interview, Neil Overholtz, a Florida attorney whose practice represents clients injured by drugs such as Trasylol, told us:

You hear different numbers thrown around, but typically a dose of Trasylol used during the surgery was going to cost the patient, or their third party provider, somewhere around $1,200 to $1,500, whereas the drugs on the market already were costing maybe a couple hundred dollars at that time. By 2006, they were all generic, widely available and cost less than $100 per dose. So, the difference in price was tremendous. How do you get a doctor to use a drug that costs so much more? That became the real battle for Bayer on the marketing side.

Why was Trasylol more expensive?

That’s a question for which many patients, in addition to the North Carolina man, want an answer. Many say that Bayer’s marketing team was able to position Trasylol in a manner that led doctors, patients and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to believe that Trasylol did more than other drugs costing far less. In fact, Trasylol was only approved for heart bypass surgery.

Bayer used that limited FDA approval in their favor by marketing the drug as only drug specifically approved for just bypass surgery – a play on words that paid off. Sales of Trasylol reached upwards of $60 million per year.

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