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We focus in the areas of Family Law and Business Law. Please visit our website to see the many ways in which we can assist you and your business. There are milestones in life when you need a trusted divorce lawyer in the Atlanta, Georgia area to guide you. At Meriwether & Tharp our experienced family law attorneys recognize that domestic troubles can be emotionally and financially taxing. Our lawyers provide personal, individualized legal services, covering the full spectrum of family law issues including, but not limited to: divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, equitable division, contempt and modification actions.

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Child Custody, Support, Adoption
Divorce, Marriage, Alimony

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Serving Metro Atlanta Area with two offices: Alpharetta and Canton
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Georgia and Florida


I was referred to MT by a client who utilized Leh Meriwether to address a difficult divorce. I met with Leh in Mar 07 and was impressed with his professionalism and concern for the circumstances of my divorce and child custody. With Leh's assistance, I gained physical custody in Jul 07. While addressing my divorce, I was unexpectedly moved into a difficult employment contract dispute with my former employer, one of the world's largest financial institutions. I spoke with Leh on this matter in Nov 07 and requested his assistance. The employment dispute was scheduled for a FINRA Arbitration in Aug 08. As a Financial Advisor and a retired Detective from one of the country's largest law enforcement agencies, I've worked closely with many attorneys. In having done so, I say with confidence, the law firm of MT is among the finest legal professionals available. My contract dispute was resolved in Aug 08 and my divorce finalized in Sep 08. I highly recommend the office of Meriwether & Tharp.

I was recently involved in a tough divorce, and was seeking custody of my two year old daughter in a very conservative county (I'm her father). I chose Meriwether & Tharp to represent me, and was very happy with the results. They provided me with solid legal advice, professional representation, and strong understanding of what I was going through. Using Meriwether & Tharp's guidance, I was able to gain custody of my daughter.

I believe that the legal firm you select to represent you makes a big difference; the Meriwether & Tharp's years of experience were a big key to helping me come out of my divorce with the results I wanted.

You will pay their bill with a smile! Since 1996, I began working with Leh Meriwther,esq and was one of the first clients with Meriwether and Tharp, LLP. I have recommended over a dozen people to the firm who have continued to utilize them within businesses that they have carried through the years. I can personally attest that the Meriwether and Tharp firm is extremely responsive and thorough in the aspects of documents to prevent potential law suits, provides extensive research and very aggressive against cases in court for their client. They are a cost conscientous firm with the best representation possible. Prior to finding Meriwether and Tharp, my legal bills and battles were in multiples. Meriwether and Tharp has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars for initiating proper contracts and working in a preventive measure for my companies. When there has been some sort of litigation or conflict, their attentiveness to details was extremely impressive. They have a broad range of experience from real estate, to corporate litigation and tax issues. One of my business associates in Canada, after researching the firm told me just last week that Meriwether and Tharp is respected as one of the top corporate attorneys in the Atlanta area. I highly recommend their services to any one personally and certainly any business that needs to have great consultation at their disposal at any time.

Bob Tharp is an excellent attorney, he seems to genuinely care about what happens to his client, and he will do what is necessary to get his client the best deal possible. This is rare. He is someone you can count on to give you the best representation possible,and has thorough knowledge of the laws. He is what all attorneys should aspire to be.