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Hong Shen

5707 Corsa Ave. #106 Westlake Village, CA 91362

Areas of Practice

Practice Areas:
Auto Accidents
Child Custody, Support, Adoption
Consumer and Lemon Law
Contract and Commercial
Copyright, Trademark, IP
Criminal Defense
Divorce, Marriage, Alimony
DUI / DWI Traffic
Estate Planning
General Practice
Internet, Technology & Communications Law
Landlord / Tenant
Libel and Slander
Medical Malpractice
Patent Law
Personal Injury
Product Liability
Real Estate
Wills, Trusts, Probate

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Languages Spoken:
English, Chinese

Clients Represented

Client Type:
Primarily Represent Individual Clients

Federal Court Admissions

US Patent and Trademark Office
US Court in Los Angeles

Other Professional Licenses, Publications and Academic Appointments etc.

Registered with USPTO