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Kevin Bessant

1274 Library St. Suite 304 Detroit, MI 48226

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Child Custody, Support, Adoption
Criminal Defense
Divorce, Marriage, Alimony
DUI / DWI Traffic
Juvenile Law
Real Estate

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I specialize in the following areas of Criminal Defense: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, DRUNK DRIVING, CRIMINAL ASSAULT, FEDERAL CRIMES, DRUG CRIMES, MISDEMEANORS, FELONIES, PROBATION VIOLATIONS, PAROLE VIOLATIONS, EXPUNGEMENTS, TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS, SEX OFFENSES, CHILD SUPPORT VIOLATIONS. With an array of criminal trials, I have worked on cases involving serious violent felonies down to traffic violations.

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Primarily Represent Business & Individual Clients

Federal Court Admissions

United States District Court for Eastern District of Michigan

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State Bar of Michigan