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My firm advocates for job applicants and employees who fall victim to the ever increasing use (and misuse) of background reports. In an economy where jobs are scarce and every little bit of information is vital on an application, job applicants and employees are slandered as liars because background reporting companies often get the information wrong. Even if a job applicant or an existing employee has a criminal background (we all make mistakes), an employer is obligated to provide the applicant or employee with a copy of the background report and a summary of consumer rights BEFORE it rejects the applicant for a job or fires the employee if already hired. This gives the job applicant or employee time to dispute the contents of the report or explain the circumstances before a final employment decision is made. We represent job applicants and employees across the nation. We are paid on a contingency (so you do not have to pay an hourly rate). Please feel free to contact us if you have experienced a problem with your background report.

We also represent people who have been affected by credit reporting errors. The credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax etc.), just like the background reporting companies often report incorrect or dated information. For example, if your credit report still shows that you owe an amount that has been paid off, you may have a claim against the credit bureau. Call us if you have experienced problems with your credit report.

In addition to representing victims of background and credit report errors, our firm aggressively represents victims of harassment and hostile work environments. Employees are protected from unwanted comments and behavior (stemming from sexual, gender-identity, sexual orientation, race, religious or other harassment) and have rights under Federal Laws. Contact us if you feel you are being harassed.

And as a parent, spouse, and business owner, I know the value of having aggressive yet smart representation to protect my family and assets. If marital problems cannot be resolved through counseling, find representation with an attorney who navigates you through the pitfalls and traps encountered during divorce litigation. Having represented hundreds of individuals going through a divorce and having resolved my own amicably, I know the path to a successful resolution as well as effective trial strategies.

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Child Custody, Support, Adoption
Divorce, Marriage, Alimony
Employment and Labor
General Practice
Personal Injury

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University of Toledo
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Over the past 16 years in private practice, I have represented individuals, businesses, organizations and public bodies in a variety of matters, including negotiating agreements/contracts, mediating settlements, litigating business disputes, litigating property disputes, litigating divorce and custody matters as well as the protection of consumer rights. I enjoy providing aggressive yet smart representation for my clients, whether in a private setting or in the court room.

As advocates of consumer rights, my partner Matthew Dooley and I represent individuals as well as class members against consumer reporting agencies (criminal background reporting companies, credit reporting agencies, employer history reporting agencies) who violate job applicants' rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for a number of reasons (selling incorrect information, not informing the job applicant of the report etc.) as well as against employers who use the reports for employment purposes without notice and authorization.

We also represent individuals struggling with errors, stale data and other incorrect information found in their credit reports. Engaging in a vigorous dispute process is often the first step taken on behalf of our clients to correct credit reports. If needed, the dispute process is followed by aggressive litigation seeking damages and court ordered correction.

In addition to the above FCRA rooted practice areas, we also aggressively represent employees who have been victimized by harassment (based on gender, sex, race, orientation, religion and other).

I have a robust background in family law, vigorously representing individuals at one of the most critical points in life, fighting for their children, property, businesses and assets.

Beyond my civil private practice, I also am the City of Amherst, Ohio Law Director. In my capacity as Law Director, I advise the legislative and executive branches of our City, represent the city in litigation matters, draft legislation, and advise the zoning and planning boards.
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Cleveland Marshall College of Law
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Ohio; Various Federal Courts;

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OMDP is comprised of an enterprising team of attorneys with more than 100 combined years of experience covering the many disciplines of the law. Our attorneys represent a broad spectrum of clients including individuals, estates, businesses, nonprofit organizations, governmental bodies, public schools, financial institutions, and multinational businesses.

In an increasingly complex and specialized legal world, OMDP's success lies in our ability to consistently match our clients with an attorney whose experience meets their legal needs. We then ensure that each client is properly represented — at reasonable cost and expense — while providing quality legal services with the highest integrity and ethical standards.

Each day, we strive to be a force multiplier for our clients. In an increasingly complex and specialized legal world, OMDP’s integrity lies in our ability to consistently pair our clients with attorneys prepared to handle their specific matters. OMDP consistently ensures that each client is properly represented at reasonable cost while providing quality legal services at the highest ethical standards. We form specialized teams to handle each matter, and seek to control costs using the most innovative technologies available for litigation management. Our E-discovery staff are capable of managing terabytes of data comprising millions of pages of documents that are accessible on-demand to our clients and attorneys. And important to our clients, we monitor nationwide litigation involving issues directly related to our clients' interests, which can include interpretations of laws relevant to business ventures, or cases filed by or against competitors.
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Sheffield Village, Ohio
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Nationwide Fair Credit Reporting Act Practice (FCRA) regarding background reports, denial of employment due to background reports, errors in credit reports.
Robust Ohio Practice.

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Primarily Represent Business & Individual Clients