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What are all the things that are needed to be on a Will in order for it to be legal?

Yes, there are certain requirements of a Valid Last Will and Testament.  In Texas …

FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney answered 5 years ago

In addition to surviving children, does a deceased's siblings have rights to inherit?

I am assuming that "he" is your father and your mother predeceased him.  The …


Law Office Of Anne Brady answered 5 years ago

How do I go about probating a Will?

I suggest you obtain the assistance of a probate attorney to assist you and …

Law Office Of Victor Waid answered 6 years ago

If someone dies and there is no Will in that state, can a Will from another state be used?

Yes a will from another estate can be probated, so long as the will …

Law Office Of Victor Waid answered 7 years ago