About Requesting a Confidential Consultation

Requesting a Confidential Legal Consultation is Free. Please do NOT submit confidential information using this form as your communication is not necessarily protected by the attorney-client confidentiality privilege. Attorneys give priority to handling matters for existing clients. If a matter is urgent, contact the attorney's office by telephone and say you saw his or her listing on AttorneyPages. It is up to you to follow through with the attorney.

Attorneys generally respond to Requests for a Confidential Legal Consultation only in areas in which they practice, and on matters they think a person is likely to retain their regular professional services. Submitting a request to an attorney does not obligate the attorney to respond, and a response from an attorney does NOT obligate you to use that attorney's services. A request or response does not mean that you have become a client of the attorney, nor does it preclude the attorney from representing other persons.

If the attorney is willing to provide a consultation, please discuss with the attorney whether the consultation will be provided free or for compensation, and whether by phone, in person or electronically, and what the consultation consists of, as practices differ by attorney and type of matter.

AttorneyPages and its affiliates are NOT responsible for the results of any advice given by or representation from any lawyer, or the failure or refusal of any attorney to respond or provide a consultation, or any person's satisfaction with any attorney or law firm, whether relating to competence, diligence, or otherwise. No attorney will be considered to be practicing law in or subject to jurisdiction in other than his or her home state, whether or not the attorney responds to your request.

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